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3rd International Symposium on Electrical Engineering
and Energy Converters
ELS 2009
September 24–25, 2009

Exhibition: Inventica USV - 2009
Workshop: Scientific research in electrical engineering

which will take place 24 - 25 September 2009 in SUCEAVA, Romania. During the symposium the invent exhibition, INVENTICA USV - 2009 will be arranged.


• Transformers and Electrical Machines
• Special Electromechanical Energy Converters
• Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
• Robots and Actuators
• Electric Drives and Automations
• Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
• Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
• Modern Methods in Electrical Engineering Education

In the second day of the symposium will take place a workshop dedicated to „Scientific research in electrical engineering". Results, prospective and foreground research domains are expected to be discussed.




1 June 2009  – Full Papers Submission (4 or 6 pages);
1 July 2009 – Feedback from evaluators and acknowledgement of participation;
15 July 2009 – Submission of final paper (modified according to reviewers reccommendations) and payment of registration fee.


  • The papers will be written in english or french and will be published in the symposium proceedings.
  • Please apply only by e-mail with files in .doc and .pdf  format.
  • Selected papers (writen in English) will be also be published in the Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering a CNCSIS categorie A recognized journal (ISI).


• Registration fee: 30 Euro (first paper / first author)
• Supplementary fee: 20 Euro (second paper with the same first author)
• Companions:  20 Euro/person

The registration fee includes the volume of the symposium, attendance at all scientific programs, coffee breaks and invitation to the Cocktail Party.

Details concerning the modality of payment will be included in the second invitation. The fee has to arrive before symposium. Supplementary information on the official web-site: www.eed.usv.ro


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, "Ștefan cel Mare" University of Suceava, Str. Universității 13, 720229 Suceava, Romania.
Tel/Fax +40-230-524801


Mihai RAȚĂ: mihair@eed.usv.ro, tel. 0230-522978, int.167; 0726-173731
Leonard LIVADARU: livadaru@ee.tuiasi.ro; tel.0232-270054; 0729-262765



Adrian GRAUR, „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Alecsandru SIMION, Technical University „Gh. Asachi",  Iași

International steering committee:

Tudor AMBROS, Technical University, Chișinău
Gheorghe BĂLUȚĂ, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Iulian BIROU, Technical University,Cluj-Napoca
Alexandru BITOLEANU, University of Craiova
Lorin CANTEMIR, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Aurel CÂMPEANU, University of Craiova
Dorel CERNOMAZU, „Ștefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Bulent ERTAN, Technical University „Middle East", Istanbul
Iulian GRAUR, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Vasile IANCU, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca
Mihai IORDACHE, „Politehnica" University, București
Marcel JUFER, E
cole Polytechnique de Lausanne
Petru LEONTE, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Gheorghe LIVINȚ, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Etienne MILENT, Université des Sciences et Technologies de
Radu MUNTEANU, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca
Istvan NAGY,
Technical University of Budapest
Ștefan Gh. PENTIUC,
„Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Dorin POPOVICI, „Politehnica" University, Timisoara
Raul RABINOVICI, „Ben Gurion" University, Israel
Alexandru SĂLCEANU, Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Emil SIMION, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca
Petre TODOS, Technical University, Chișinău
Viorel TRIFA, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca
Nicolae VASILE,  ICPE-S.A., București
Ioan-Adrian VIOREL, Technical University, Cluj-Napoca
Ion VONCILĂ, "Dunărea de Jos" University, Galați
Slawomir WIAK,
Technical University of Lodz

Local organizing committee:

Leon MANDICI - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava-chairman
Ciprian AFANASOV - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Narcisa AIROAEI - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Niculai BARBĂ - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Elena C. BOBRIC - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Daniela IRIMIA -„Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Leonard LIVADARU - Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Dan L. MILICI - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Mariana R. MILICI - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Adrian MUNTEANU - Technical University „Gh. Asachi", Iași
Gabriela RAȚĂ - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Mihai RAȚĂ - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Radu PENTIUC - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Cezar POPA - „Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava
Constantin UNGUREANU-„Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava


Paper format and instructions



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