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Suceava, ROMANIA
May 16 - 21, 2005

The aim of the Seminar will be to bring together scientists, engineers, manufacturers, undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and alumni from all over the world in order to provide and exchange information on recent developments and future trends in:

Robotics Theory
Robotics Applications
Artificial Intelligence focused on Robotics,
Electrical Drives Control, Micro and Nano-scale Electromechanical Systems for Building Robots

Papers will be written in English and should not exceed 6 pages.
The Steering Commitee will select the best papers to be published in the Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The
instructions to authors are available at the journal site.
Copies will be distributed upon arrival.

Call for papers

We recommend the submission of papers by e-mail at: adriang@usv.ro or by regular mail (2 copies) to the following address:

    Facultatea de Inginerie Electrică
    Str. Universităţii Nr.13
    720229 Suceava, Romania


Steering Commitee

Oleg BREKHOV - Moscow Aviation Institute - RUSSIA
Luc De BACKER - Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven Gent – BELGIUM
Christophe CHAILLOU – Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille - FRANCE
Jean Michel DUTHILLEUL - Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de de Lille - FRANCE
Stefan HOLBAN - "Politehnica" University of Timişoara - ROMANIA
Adrian GRAUR – University „Stefan cel Mare" Suceava - ROMANIA
Laurent GRISONI – Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille - FRANCE
Maria IOANNIDES - National Technical University of Athens - GREECE
Vladimir KATIC – University of Novi Sad, Republic of SERBIA
Eleftherios A. KAYAFAS - National Technical University of Athens - GREECE
Vladimir KRAPIVIN - Moscow Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics - RUSSIA
Vladimir MESYURA - The State Technical University of Vinnitsa - UKRAINE
John MILNER - City University London GREAT BRITAIN
Costica NITU – University „Politehnica" Bucharest – ROMANIA
Jose OLIVEIRA e SA - Instituto Politecnico do Porto - PORTUGAL
Bogdan MOROŞAN - Scantech Electronics Inc , Toronto – CANADA
Radu PENTIUC – University „Stefan cel Mare" Suceava - ROMANIA
St. Gh. PENTIUC – University „Stefan cel Mare" Suceava – ROMANIA
Mircea PETRESCU – University „Politehnica" Bucharest – ROMANIA
Nicola PITRONE - Universita degli Studi Catania - ITALIA
Cezar POPA – University „Stefan cel Mare" Suceava - ROMANIA
Jean Paul SIX - Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille - FRANCE
Fedor SOPRONIUC - University of Cernăuţi - UKRAINE
Gavril TODEREAN - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Petre TODOS - Technical University of Chişinău - MOLDAVIA
Bernard TOURSEL - Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille - FRANCE
Viorel TRIFA - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - ROMANIA
Alexandru VALACHI – Technical University Iasi - ROMANIA
Rodger ZIEMER - Colorado Spring University - USA


November 30, 2004 - Paper submission
January 30, 2005 - Feedback from evaluators and acknowledgement of participation
March 10, 2005 - Submission of final paper and payment of registration fee

Event Schedule

May, 16 - Sign in, Reception of the Major of Suceava
May, 17 - Opening Ceremony, Session, Cocktail
May, 18, 19, 20 - Sessions
May, 21- Trip in the North of Moldavia


Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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