Children Touch Input Dataset

This dataset contains touch input data from 89 children with ages between 3 and 6 years old and from 30 young adults.
The dataset is companion to our 2015 article Vatavu, Cramariuc & Schipor (Int. J. Human-Computer Studies) that reported children's touch input performance with tap and drag & drop tasks on smartphones and tablets. Our results showed significant improvements in children's touch input accuracy from 3 to 6 years old as well as several differences between children and young adults. We also found significant correlations between children's task completion times and target acquisition accuracy and their finger dexterity, graphomotor, and visuospatial processing abilities. For more results, please see the IJHCS 2015 article.
In a follow-up study, Vatavu, Anthony & Brown (INTERACT '15), we reported that the age group of the tablet user (i.e., "child" or "adult") can be accurately inferred (99%) from just a few touches.


Our experimental observations were drawn from the largest touch input dataset for children currently available in the literature, consisting in 4069 touch trials collected from 129 participants, of which 89 were children aged between 3 and 6 years old. We release our dataset to encourage further studies to understand children's input performance with touchscreen devices. Our dataset and C# source code that computes the performance measures reported in our IJHCS 2015 article are freely available for download and use for research purposes under this license.
If you find our dataset and/or code useful for your work, please let us know.
If you use our dataset and/or code to report results in scientific publications, please reference our 2015 article Vatavu, Cramariuc & Schipor (Int. J. Human-Computer Studies) that introduced these resources. Thanks!



For any information or suggestion regarding this web page, the dataset, or the surce code, please contact Prof. Radu-Daniel Vatavu.