The Machine Intelligence and Information Visualization Lab

The Machine Intelligence and Information Visualization Lab (MintViz) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory within the MANSiD Research Center of the University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava, Romania, situated right in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Center of Bukovina, Moldavia.

Our research efforts are directed toward design, development, and evaluation of new artificial intelligence (AI) and information visualization (InfoVis) technology to support innovative, rich interaction between humans, computers, and environments to advance knowledge in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Ambient Intelligence (AmI). Towards this end, we have been interested in essential topics from HCI and AmI, such as applying pattern recognition and machine learning techniques to human-computer interaction and information visualization, designing touch, free-hand, and whole-body gesture interactions, prototyping new interactive techniques for smart mobiles and wearables, designing for new user experience in smart environments, protoyping for home entertainement and the interactive TV, and explorations of ambient media concepts.

Our main research philosophy is design and development of useful and usable interactions between humans and computers by means of advanced AI & InfoVis techniques informed by understanding the user or, better put, the human caught in the middle of today's too fast-developing technology. Towards implementing this goal, our team blends expertize from Computer Science, Electronics, and Applied Psychology.


Prof. Radu-Daniel Vatavu

MintViz Lab, MANSiD Research CenterUniversity Stefan cel Mare of Suceava 13 Universitatii Suceava 720229Romania

Phone: +40 230 524801

vatavu (at)

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